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Maintenance Program

Here is a little bit of information about the program:

One yearly inspection of the main electrical system and sub systems. All breakers will be checked to ensure they are properly connected to the interior buss bars. Neutrals will be checked and torqued .
All accessible receptacles will be tested for correct voltage and polarity.GFCI's will be tested for correct voltage, polarity.All smoke detectors will be tested for function, and batteries replaced. All switches will be tested for proper orientation.
Any costs not included in the memebership will be discussed with the client before any work will be preformed. Additional costs or maintenace required will be explained and quoted for customer approval.
As a Service Agreement Participant you will receive the following benefits: " You will receive VIP scheduling for appointments throughout the year " You will receive a discount of 5% off our normal service rates " You will receive a discount of 5% off of materials we provide
The annual fee to participate in this program is currently $205.00. If you move, this program may be transferred to your new residence, if in our normal service area. You may purchase this program as a gift to be given to family or friends who own their home. Please indicate who will be the participant in the agreement located on the following page.
Every tradesperson or electrician is only as good as his or her reputation. If you have never contracted with the electrician who answered you call, it's fair to ask for the names of other homeowners who have and to give them a call to check the contractor's work.

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